We pledge to build China's most beautiful village Project Promotion of Beacon Hill

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More than ten mu of Mei Shu in Fang Tian, eight or nine

For a long time in the cage in the return to nature

Such as the morning dew Chaoge picturesque countryside volume


     The tourist attraction of Beacon Hill in Guangdong and Qingyuan Beacon Hill is located in Beacon Hill forest farm of Qingxin County, Qingyuan, also known as "Beacon Hill". It is an eco-tourism resort with YISHION as its main natural resource. It enjoys the reputation of "the ten largest eco-tourism sanctuary in the country". The scenic spot is 8 kilometers from the city of Qingyuan, only more than 70 kilometers from Guangzhou, and the traffic is very convenient.


In recent years, the Beacon Hill village near around the building of a harmonious livable new goals, through the implementation of the strategic development of production city interaction, in the construction of small towns, clean Engineering, enriching the characteristic industry as the starting point, according to the "clean, green, beautiful, rich, and" five word standard to carry out agricultural work in rural areas, urban new rural beauty people Fuxin Beacon Hill is gradually realized.

The adobe house was dismantled and the hidden dangers were eliminated; the clean project was pushed forward, the rural environment became beautiful; the industry was developing, and the farmers' income was widened.


Carrying out the nineteen "Village revitalization strategy", "beautiful scenery" into "jinshanyinshan". Relying on rural idle rural housing, rural development, has become an important form of the development of rural tourism and the construction of the beautiful countryside, not only give farmers property rights and income rights, at the same time, to meet the middle white-collar crowd gathered to rent housing demand culture, shared farm house gardens, promote the upgrading of consumption.

Meishu tourism development limited assist local inventory of idle rural housing, rural housing construction cooperatives, joint urban residents and commercial capital, has been to carry out relevant cooperation, strongly recommend Guangdong Qingyuan Bijia go up and see.

Maestro Foshan master light steel house Technology Co., Ltd., which was founded in 2013, mainly engaged in the production and construction of light steel series products. The company integrates production, marketing, design and construction. It always takes the task of popularizing and popularizing green, energy-saving and light steel structure as its mission. It concentrating on the development, popularization, research and application of light-weight steel structure energy-saving building products.

The main business of the company is divided into two blocks: one is the design, construction and training of the light steel villa. The two is the production of high precision light steel villas. Relying on the international leading production equipment, the company has been recognized by many countries and regions in the world for its light steel villas, multi-storey houses and low level housing. It has maintained import and export cooperation with many countries and regions such as South Africa, Russia, Australia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Thailand, Guinea, Norway and the Middle East all the year round.

Mei Shu holding company is committed to develop the company into a diversified diversified group company, from a manufacturing trade enterprise with international import and export trade to light steel housing project consultation and construction, light steel construction system training, light steel housing design and profile wholesale.

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