Research Report on the Development of Pastoral Complex in 2018

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Under the new normal economic conditions, the traditional agricultural and rural development thinking has become ineffective for people's growing material and cultural needs and regional economic development aspirations. The development model of a simple agricultural industrial park can not adapt to the new situation Industrial upgrading, co-ordinate development and other requirements.

Pastoral Complex Development Background, Connotation and Significance

In 2017, the document No. 1 of the Central Government proposed paying special attention to the construction of the starting point, platform and carrier on the basis of maintaining the continuity and stability of the policy, namely, "three areas, three parks and one integration." The construction of "Three Zones, Three Parks and One" will optimize the industrial structure in rural areas and promote the deep integration of tertiary industry and will bring together all kinds of funds, science and technology, talents and projects in rural areas so as to accelerate the development of modern agriculture. Among them, "one body" refers to the pastoral complex, and proposes "a pastoral complex that supports conditional rural construction with farmer cooperatives as the main carrier to enable farmers to fully participate in and benefit from the integration of circular agriculture, creative agriculture and agricultural experience."

Pastoral complex development model put forward its inevitable causes and background, of which the more important include the following aspects:

Under the new economic normal, agricultural development takes on more functions

At present, the economic development of our country has entered a new normal and local economic growth is facing new problems and difficulties. In particular, the gradual development of ecological and environmental protection has put forward higher "quality" requirements for the development of the primary and secondary industries. Under the environment, it not only undertakes the function of ecological protection, but also shoulders the peasants' function of increasing agricultural development.

The traditional agricultural park development model solidification, transformation and upgrading face greater pressure

In the new stage of agricultural development, profound changes have taken place in the internal and external environment for the development of rural industries. The demonstration of traditional agricultural parks has taken a leading role. The contradictions between scientific and technological driving capability and development mode and the conditions and requirements in the process of regional development have become increasingly prominent. The transformation of the model is facing more difficulties and the bottleneck appears obviously.

With the reform of supply side of agriculture, social capital pays close attention to agriculture and the expectation of comprehensive development is strong

After more than ten years of Central Document No. 1 and the guidance and development of various levels of policies, the rapid development of modern agriculture in our country, the improvement of infrastructure, the gradual optimization of industrial distribution, the differentiation of market demands for individuality, the expansion of market space, the production supply chain The demand for reform is also becoming more and more urgent. The social industry and commerce capital has also started to pay attention to and enter the field of agriculture and rural areas, which has played a positive role in promoting the development of agriculture and rural areas. At the same time, the industrial and commercial capitals have entered this field and also expected to be able to exert their own advantages to engage in agriculture-related industries such as secondary and tertiary services other than agricultural production and to form a model of integration and development of one, two or three industries.

Under the influence of "the strictest land in history", the strength of land management is increasing, seeking a comprehensive solution to development problems

With the new economic normality, the state has implemented a series of strategic measures such as new urbanization, ecological civilization construction and supply-side structural reform, and implemented "double control" of the total amount and intensity of construction land, strictly saving intensive land use management. Has promulgated the "Regulations on the Protection of Basic Farmland", "Rural Land Contract Law" and so on, the use of land development control has very clear provisions. In particular, the "Notice of the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Land and Resources on Further Supporting the Healthy Development of Facilities and Agriculture" (MLR [2014] No. 127) further clarifies the requirement and makes the development of recreational agriculture to face the newly increased land use index With more restrictions on the rules.

To sum up, at this stage, the traditional development ideas of agricultural industrial parks are not suitable for the industrial upgrading and overall development in the new situation. Therefore, it is imperative to use innovative ways to solve the problems of agricultural efficiency, farmers' income increase and rural greening. Pastoral complex is one of the better modes of innovation.



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The conceptual connotation of the idyllic complex

After the first No. 1 document in 2017 put forward the concept of "pastoral complex", many parties have read it.

In terms of its connotation and extension, the idyllic complex is not a new word.It is the extension and development on the basis of the original ecological agriculture and leisure tourism.

From the perspective of format, it is a comprehensive development mode of "agriculture + literary creation + new countryside". It is a new type of community based on modern agriculture, driven by tourism, with indigenous people, new residents and tourists.But throughout the course of development of the agriculture park is not difficult to see that the pastoral complex is not baseless, is based on the development of agricultural modernization, new urbanization and so on, combined with the new situation of agricultural production and farmers' income and protect the rural ecological environment and a multiple objective demand, has its realistic background.

The development process of the agricultural park development, leisure agriculture and rural tourism is not difficult to see that the pastoral complex and agricultural complex, agriculture and tourism complex concept is the same in essence, a new concept is not "turned out", as for the agricultural complex or garden complex or agricultural economic complex, just different essence is the same.





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Agricultural complex

The agricultural complex was first put forward by Chen Jianping, an agricultural complex: a new carrier for the development of regional modern agriculture, which was first published by the academician of agriculture in November 3, 2012. It is a new carrier in the form of modern agricultural development based on the concept of reference city complex on the one or two and three industries, through rural integration and multifunctional agriculture development, extend the industrial chain, enhance the value chain, increase the income of farmers, promote new rural construction, and gradually promote the fundamental transformation of the mode of agricultural development.

The basic connotation of agricultural complex is predominantly rural, with the support of science and technology and cultural and creative fusion for the wings, agricultural products processing, trade logistics, science exhibition, education and training, leisure tourism, cultural creative and other related industries, the construction industry complex multi-functional, complex, innovative,It is accompanied by a region of rapid economic and social development and the long agricultural park practice constantly sum up a modern agricultural development based on the new concept proposed, is born out of the agricultural park, but higher than the agricultural park, can be said to be "upgraded version of modern agricultural park".

Idyllic complex

The connotation of the pastoral complex is basically the same with the agricultural complex. The difference is that the rural complex is more rational development of rural resources from the perspective of regional spatial development and rural development. We should build a regional complex of circular agriculture, creative agriculture and agricultural experience.

Pastoral complex is predominantly rural, farmers can fully participate and benefit as the premise, is to agricultural cooperatives as the main body of the construction, agriculture and rural land as the carrier, related industries and supporting industries, industrial tourism, creative fusion, real estate, exhibition, Expo, culture, commerce, entertainment and other industries more than three the formation, multi-functional, complex, innovative regional economic complex.

Therefore, from the perspective of agricultural planning and popularization of science and technology workers, rural complex is based on agriculture, rural land as the carrier, integration of "production, life and ecological function, set the whole industry chain of agricultural integration, the goal of agricultural science and technology support system, modern agricultural management system optimization, various types of agricultural park, combined with the rural 123 industrial integration, regional economic development of the new type composite carrier, is a new development model of modern agriculture, is" a new embodiment of the six industry "innovative ideas.

Distinction and connection

From the difference and connection with the agricultural complex,The pastoral complex is based on the concept of rural regional space. The agricultural complex is based on the concept of industrial thinking and is the comprehensive development of agriculture.The agricultural complex is in a certain geographical space, multi industry, multi function and multi format, with the development of industrial integration for the characteristics of modern agriculture with industry convergence development relationship strengthened, economic integration, have close linkage with regional economic development; this is a form of economic and tourism complex. Complex, commercial complex, City complex is a concept.

From the angle of agriculture, agriculture, rural areas and farmers, the three are inseparable. Whether the agricultural complex or the rural complex is essentially the same, but the perspective is different, the components and the focal points are different, so in this sense, the rural complex is not a completely new concept. Over the past two years, more attention has been paid to agricultural characteristic towns, agricultural parks and so on, which is a new model and new exploration of the rural complex that has been developed along with the development of modern agriculture and the construction of beautiful villages and towns.

The emergence of the rural complex is a new mode of development of agriculture + literary creation + new countryside with the development of modern agriculture, new urbanization and leisure tourism.It has three characteristics: function compound, development park and main body diversification.

The rural complex is a trend of the times. It is a product of the new stage of the development of the regional economy, society and agriculture and rural areas, and an innovative carrier for the new agricultural leap in China.

Characteristics of the pastoral complex

Functional compound

The diversification of industrial economic structure, from single industry to the 123 industry linkage development, from single product to comprehensive leisure and holiday product development and upgrading, from the traditional housing to the pastoral experience, vacation, pension and health care as a whole, the development mode of the comprehensive land development of leisure is upgrading. In certain geographical space, the modern agricultural production space, living space, tourist recreation space, ecological conservation development space and other functions section combination, and among the various parts to establish an interdependent and mutually beneficial dynamic relationship, so as to form a multi function, high efficiency, complex and unified pastoral complex. And modern agriculture is undoubtedly the core driving force of the sustainable development of the idyllic complex.

Development of the park

Pastoral complex as indigenous people and new immigrants, tourists shared space, in full consideration of the aboriginal income continued to increase at the same time, but also to ensure the guest group Everfount input to both internal and external traffic conditions are relatively perfect, but also have ample development space and attractive garden landscape and culture etc.. The way of the rural complex, the way of location, the degree of correlation between the industries, how to coexist with the content of the project should be parallel. The operation mode, material circulation, product relevance and brand image need to be considered.

Pluralism of subject

The starting point of pastoral complex is advocated in a can allow enterprises to participate in the city and countryside, build a multi element combination, "development", the innovation of urban and rural development, promote the industry to accelerate the transformation of peasants' income, steady growth and steady progress in building new countryside, the beautiful countryside, the beautiful town of Chinese village reconstruction. On the one hand with the indigenous people, cooperation, adhere to the dominant position of farmers' cooperatives, farmers' cooperatives and farmers use the natural profit mechanism, make the farmer is not only involved in the construction process of pastoral complex, but also enjoy the benefits of modern agricultural industry, the growth of asset returns. On the other hand, we must emphasize the interaction between urban and rural areas, uphold open and joint thinking, and strive to solve the needs of people like "old people", "new people" and "occasionally coming people".

In recent years, the domestic leisure agriculture and rural tourism enthusiasm is high, and the pastoral complex as leisure agriculture and rural tourism upgrade high-end development mode, more embodies the development ideas of agriculture, parks, agricultural chain is so deep and thorough, the future will be the development of science and technology, to further broaden the health, logistics and more dimensions. For a long time in the future, the pastoral complex model of "agriculture + park" will be brilliant.

The significance of the construction of the pastoral complex

There is pastoral complex, along with the development of modern agriculture, new urbanization, leisure tourism and the development of "agriculture + Creative + new rural development" is a kind of new pattern, it is represent the general trend of regional economy and society, and the development of agriculture and rural areas to product more developed in the new stage, innovation is a new leap China carrier agriculture, its significance can be attributed to the following aspects:

The idyllic complex is the "driver" of the optimal allocation of resources

Taking the development of the pastoral complex as an opportunity to integrate land, capital, science and technology, talents and other resources to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional agriculture.

Innovation of land development model

The idyllic complex ensures the increment and activation of the stock to solve the land use problem of modern agricultural development. 2017 central document specifically stressed the proposed, to improve the protection mechanism of new construction land, the annual new construction land planning index to determine a certain proportion, to support the development of rural new industries, new formats, allowed to pass through the village renovation, homestead saving construction land, through shareholding and joint venture. Focus on supporting the development of the three integration of rural leisure tourism industry and rural pension, etc..

Innovative financing model

The idyllic complex solves the problem of where and where money is coming from the development of modern agriculture, the beautiful countryside, and the community construction.

The economic and social development must have economic, industrial and commercial capital need to profit, income and financial needs of farmers need tax, GDP needs to improve, multi subject interests determines the diversity of rural complex construction funds; at the same time, it also needs to consider the intervention of various funds and accounted for, such as government enterprises leveraging funds. Do investors, bank loans to third party financing, financing guarantee, farmers' land property shares of capital and so on, so that the formation of complex pastoral complex development "". The rural complex needs to integrate social capital and activate market vitality, but we must persist in the dominant position of farmer cooperatives and prevent the invasion of foreign capital to rural assets.

Strengthen the support of science and technology

Technology is the key element of modern agricultural production. It is also an important guarantee for the quality of rural life and beautiful ecological environment, and comprehensively permeating and supporting all aspects of rural complex construction. In order to reduce the pressure on resources and environment, circulation, uphold the concept of sustainable development, science and technology means to enhance the ecological cycle of agriculture support, construction of rural residential community in circulation, to ensure that industrial development, agricultural income conditions, improve the ecological environment, and create a good ecological residential and Tourism environment.

In the pastoral complex, the key role of the key elements of science and technology has been transformed from the accelerator of the productivity improvement of modern agricultural park to the adhesive of industrial integration, which is the essential change of the status of science and technology. The traditional technology is to promote the improvement of production efficiency, improve product quality and efficiency, modern technology is able to promote business efficiency and format integration, such as the application of networking technology, reduce production cost and improve production efficiency at the same time, it can promote the interaction with consumers, help to establish a good relationship of trust. Therefore, from this point of view, the starting point and role of science and technology have changed.

Promoting the interest union of the regional economic subject

Through the model of the idyllic complex, the relationship between the major subjects is solved, including the different subjects such as the research of the government and the enterprise. The former agricultural park can only solve the relationship among 2~3 entities, and now, through the structure of interest sharing mode of the complex, the relationship will be completely bundled together.

The idyllic complex is the "amplifier" of the industrial value

The pastoral complex mode emphasizes its comprehensive value as a new industry, including agricultural production transactions, rural tourism and leisure vacation, rural entertainment experience, rural eco enjoyment and other functions. The development of the idyllic complex, the modern agriculture and the tourism industry is complementary.

Agricultural production is the basis for the development of the modern high technology is introduced to promote the agricultural added value; leisure tourism industry needs and agricultural integration, sustainable development ability construction has the characteristics of rural leisure agricultural park; leisure experience, tourism and related industries development depends on agricultural and sideline products processing industry, thus forming a as the base and pastoral style blend of modern urban fashion elements of the rural community.

The pastoral complex is modern agriculture, processing experience, leisure tourism, livable resort, and as a dynamic model of urbanization development, through the development of new urbanization and industry, the development of human settlement environment, the cultural tourism industry and urbanization has a perfect unity.

The idyllic complex is the symphony of the overall development of urban and rural areas

At different stages of development, the key status of production factors will continue to change. The relationship between production factors and other industries will be more important if the development mode of the rural complex is applied. So the problem must be shifted from the issue of productive forces to the issue of production relations.

Since sixteen years of the establishment of urban and rural development, industry nurturing agriculture, the city supports the countryside, building a new socialist countryside, a series of major initiatives such as the social development of urban and rural economic integration, marking China's urban-rural relations entered a new historical stage. However, the dominant way of urban driving such as rural and rural urbanization is still the dominant position of the city, and the status and dynamic role of the rural areas are often at a secondary position.

The pastoral complex, with the country's rejuvenation as the highest goal, allows both the cities and the countryside to give full play to their unique endowments and achieve a harmonious development. It take the rural production, rural life, rural landscape is the core of organizational elements, spatial entities combine multi industry multi function, its core value is to meet the demand of local people to return, let the city flow, information flow, material flow and truly nurturing countryside, promote the development of rural economy.

From the point of view of balance urban and rural development, to break the delineation between city and countryside barriers, and gradually realize the life of urban and rural economic and social development is closely integrated with the coordination, gradually narrowing the gap between urban and rural areas, the integration of city and countryside, and pastoral complex is formed an important carrier of social integration, a new pattern of urban and rural economic revitalization.



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