Can the light steel villa of the house of the beautiful villa withstand the thick snow?

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Recently the country more snow, friends circles are immersed in a jubilant "brush snow" atmosphere. However, seemingly light snowflakes in the accumulation, but caused no small disaster, a number of building structures in this heavy snow "overwhelmed," was overwhelmed! Xiao Bian today to discuss with you to discuss the issue of housing load ~


 Snow load 

Snow load is a building term that refers to the snow pressure acting on the top of a building or structure, ie, the weight of snow that acts on a building depending on the depth of the snow and the weight per unit volume of the snow. The value of snow load is directly related to how much snow our house can withstand.

In the architectural design, the snow load on the roof of our country is regulated. The design of civil buildings usually takes 50 years as a cycle, and based on the detection of the weather station and the maximum snowfall encountered during the 50 years in the local area.


Snow load is actually a probability analysis, different regions, snow load is not the same. Northeast China should consider a little more. In addition, buildings, flat roof, bevel roof, corners and other shapes and locations, need to consider the snow load is not the same, corner, easy snow, load needs to be considered relatively high.

Ordinary snow load is larger in cold regions, such as snow loads of some areas in northeast and Xinjiang are above 0.7 kN / m, whereas snow loads in the south are generally low, generally not more than 0.5 kN / m2 Consider the snow load (0.1 kN is equivalent to 10 kg weight).


 Light steel plant and light steel villa force system 

Most of the villas used in the light steel-aluminum alloy villas of the MeiShu house are portal-type frame structures, which mainly rely on the rigid frame inclined beams, rigid frame columns and supports to bear the load. The column spacing is 6-12m and the span is 12-30 meters. The light steel house is a multi-ribbed siding system that is subjected to vertical loads with "ribs" (cold-formed steel columns, roof beams and roof beams with spacing of 400-600 mm) aligned one above the other.

      Intuitively, the pillars of the portal frame are very simple, while the pillars of the light steel villa are very dense. In the image, the portal frame is like a strong man holding a large steel pipe while the light steel villa is similar to A lot of small man shoulders a large steel pipe. Once the gantry roof slats are crushed by snow, the rigid frame beams lose their out-of-plane support and destabilize them when they are pulled by the purlins.


Door frame usually only color steel roof, with steel beams, purlins and other self-weight is generally 0.3 kN / sq m, and light steel villa roof including roof tiles, battens, cistern, OSB, cold-formed Thin-walled steel roof truss, insulation, ceiling, etc., even by the light tile calculation, the entire roof weighs more than 0.9 kN / sq m. When extreme snow loads are encountered, the percentage increase in the total load on the portal frame is greater than for light steel villas. And the gantry roof beam bear the roof area is much larger than the light steel villa roof bear the roof area, so gable roof roof snow load is more sensitive.


How much snow can crush the house?

If your house is located in Hefei, the snow pressure in 50 years of Hefei is 0.6 kN / sq m, equivalent to that the roof needs to bear 60 kg of snow per square meter, assuming a snow density of 150 Kg / m3, equivalent to 40 centimeters thick snow. So, does this mean that if the roof snow exceeds 40 centimeters, the roof will collapse? Not!

Various factors that affect the reliability of the structure, such as load, material properties, production quality differences, calculation model imperfection, are random, and therefore the ability of the engineering structure to perform its intended function can only be measured by probability.


When structural design is carried out, multiplying the snow load of 0.6 kN / m by the factor of 1.4, the carrying capacity limit of the steel member needs to be divided by a factor greater than 1, the latter data need to be greater than the former.

Facts have proved that the Meisu steel structure aluminum alloy housing will not be blizzard crushed.


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