Rural house is too old fashioned? Why is not your home covered? New rural residential units

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Every time I come to my home village, I find that our village has basically not changed much compared to ten years ago. It is nothing more than a car in the village. Some more new houses are built, and the whole picture does not show much Variety.


There are several reasons

01 / Rural Construction lacks a unified plan

Road is a dozen years ago, the house is a few decades ago the house.

02 / Rural architecture lacks professional design

Rural self-built housing is a common people's head a beat to cover, the structure is not safe, the appearance is not pretty, poor thermal insulation.

Now people should know that brick and concrete buildings (that is, brick houses) are not allowed to be built in the city for many years because the seismic rating is too low and the thermal insulation performance is poor.

03 / Rural construction lack of professional construction team

Rural self-built housing is the construction of the village team, professional level is limited, construction speed is slow, a bungalow a cover is six months a year.

Whenever New Year, we come out from the rural areas of children back to their hometown, no matter what luxury car you drive, when you see your home, see their parents live in the house or those who are neither beautiful nor Insulation, but also the earthquake-resistant old house, are not all the same feeling, is not that their living conditions in the big city and far apart.

            With the national emphasis on energy saving and environmental protection, the general public has a new understanding of green building, Meisu aluminum alloy light steel integrated housing appearance and diverse appearance, classic fashion, comfortable living, safe and secure, seismic fire, thermal insulation, Energy-saving and environmental protection, short construction cycle, recyclable and other advantages by the general public recognition, and in line with the State Council on "pilot construction of steel structures to expand the use of green building materials," industrial policy, a new rural municipal construction, parks, Shopping malls, culture, tourism green planning and design of choice.

 Understand what is light steel aluminum structure residential

Light steel aluminum alloy housing structure is based on the cold-formed thin-walled steel structure as the load-bearing skeleton, aluminum alloy wall material as a residential structure consisting of residential buildings. In the United States, Japan, Australia and other developed countries, the light steel-aluminum alloy construction system has long been used in residential buildings. For example, in the United States, light-steel residential buildings account for about 25% of ordinary residential buildings, and the technology is relatively mature.


Relative to the traditional residential structure system, light steel structure residential has the following characteristics:

① flexible layout of space to meet the multi-functional requirements of households;

② light and high strength materials, seismic performance, high security;

③ construction speed, short construction period;

④ can achieve the industrialization and industrialization of housing construction.


Its main features in the festival are:

① component area is small, the thickness of the envelope small, can increase the use of the building area;

② light weight structure, the basic construction of earth less, less damage to the land resources.


Comprehensive characteristics


1 Efficient light thin-walled profiles, light weight, high strength, small footprint.

2-component parts are automated, continuous, high-precision production, product specifications series, finalize, supporting, all parts of the precise size.

3 structural design, detailed design, computer simulation installation, factory manufacturing, site installation, etc. with less time synchronization.

4 dry-based workmanship above the foundation, there is no wet operation, the decoration is easy once in place. After galvanized aluminum, the coating looks beautiful and corrosion-resistant, help to reduce the cost of enclosure and decoration.

5 Facilitate the expansion of column spacing and provide greater separation space, can reduce the height and increase the building area (up to 92% of residential useful area), in addition, transformation, reinforcement has obvious advantages.

6 new wall materials wide range of applications, extensive use of lighting with good ventilation.

7 indoor plumbing electrical wiring all hidden in the wall and floor, flexible layout, easy to modify.

8 The house can be relocated, the materials can be recycled completely, no rubbish will be generated and the strategy of sustainable development will be met.

The developed countries are rapidly applying to non-residential buildings and are expanding to multi-storey residential buildings. Non-residential buildings with four under the door of light steel-based structure, span more than 20m

Light steel structure residential buildings are generally used for multi-storey (4-6) and height 24m (7-9) of the high-rise. Energy-saving support through the addition of other energy-saving components, residential light steel structure can also be used for higher levels. Habitat light steel structure and the use of more by the hot-rolled H-beam frame structure, the connection of high-strength bolts (supplemented by welding), the use of multi-plate instead of the template steel reinforced concrete floor structure, the use of roof panels and more Set thermal insulation, waterproof in one of the color coated steel, multi-wall waterproof multi-use light wall panels.






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