Whether Meishu all-aluminum will affect the wifi signal or not?

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The environmental protection, convenience and so on of the whole aluminum house of Mei Shu has been loved by more and more consumers. But many people still don't know enough about this new product. People often ask questions: all aluminum houses are metal houses. Do I have other rooms that will affect WiFi signals?



how to say?

I am an all-aluminum house you ask me will not affect wifi,

I will certainly not answer ah!

But I'm not convinced,

I think it is necessary for everyone to popularize.


Many people think that aluminum is a metallic material that weakens the signal and even shields the signal.

Is that really the case?

Will you buy the house will find the United States, "all aluminum will not affect wifi signal," Xiaobian suggested or search about "bad signal is how is it"? Will be better.


WiFi signal is a susceptible to external factors, poor WiFi may be the hardware of the router itself, or by other signal interference, or the router is relatively placed position, the wall more than the corner and other reasons, Lead to a lot of WiFi blind spots throughout the house

In theory,

Meishu aluminum housing will make the signal better!

Meishu aluminum housing will make the signal better!

Meishu aluminum housing will make the signal better!

why? Do not know if you have not seen this one experiment, the experiment of aluminum can enlarge wifi:





Like the light of radio waves, encounter obstacles will have reentry, and achieve the effect of gathering. Wireless router antenna is launched 360-degree spherical wave, while the cans are aluminum alloy material, made of arc, the radio waves in the face of metal refraction back, toward the arc outside the fan-shaped area to launch, plus the original The radio waves transmitted in this direction, if the wave peaks of the waves meet, then the intensity of the radio waves in this sector is strengthened. Enhanced wireless signal strength is also far below the WiFi security international standards, will not have a negative impact on human health, we can safely use.



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