Why aluminium alloy integration is adopted for decoration in terms of wall decoration in Meishu house?

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Nowadays, there are many kinds of integrated wall materials on the market. Aluminum integrated wall is one of the mainstream and its superior quality is favored by middle and high-end customers!


Mei Shu housing aluminum alloy integration wall advantages are very many, the house wall decoration of the villa will choose aluminum alloy integrated wall. Why is this?


Environmental health

Aluminum integrated wall green, formaldehyde-free, more suitable for infants and young children, pregnant women, the elderly living, renovation can be admitted without ventilation. Products can be recycled twice, with little construction waste being installed and disassembled.



Easy to install

Aluminum integrated wall is embedded installation, each board up and down alignment, seams, decoration as simple as a puzzle! Central interlocking, free combination, one go, saving time and effort. Do not shovel the wall without moving the soil, naked wall direct loading, the provincial decoration costs 50%, shorten the construction period of 70%!


Moisture proof mildew

Aluminum alloy wall can effectively prevent wall moldy, moisture influx, especially for the South decoration, to solve the South wall common wall mildew or wall hanging beads and other issues, so that the room always maintain a comfortable dry.


Fire retardant

Aluminum integrated wall detection by the national authorities, the fire rating to B1 level, to meet the fire safety requirements, superior fire protection.


Sound insulation and noise reduction

Aluminum integrated wall detection by the national authority of the soundproof up to 29 dB, equivalent to the real wall noise, integrated aluminum wall mounted, together with the wall under the effect of most of the noise isolated. Can be applied to various types of factory noise room, baby room, master bedroom decoration, improve sleep quality.


Heat insulation

Inspected by the authoritative department of our country, the thermal insulation performance of aluminum alloy integrated wall exceeds the existing national standard. The room with aluminum alloy wall and the installation room with ordinary plate are installed. The indoor temperature varies by about 3 degrees and is the hot summer in the south and the winter in the north Cold wall decoration best material.


Easy to clean

Aluminum integrated wall can be directly scrubbed with a damp cloth, easy to clean and not deformed, completely solve the problem of difficult cleaning decoration products.


Save space

Aluminum integrated wall can be directly used steel studs installed in the blank wall, do not use the chassis, do not putty, at least 5-10 cm thickness space savings.



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