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With the temperature continues to decline

More and more snow broke out recently



Turned over the circle of friends, nothing more than a variety of "wow, snow", "the first snow ah", "snow to eat hot pot", "Snow do not want to go to work" and so on

The boss under a mission said: snow day out of our house warm snow mexico copy, or to kill a Xiaoban sacrificial day, so that the snow a little longer, you can let the performance of the United States House Housing show a little longer


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From then on, you are the person who stands at the top of a circle of friends on a snowy day!



The house was originally shelter, insulation cool thing, but our traditional houses have not reached the insulation needs. The reason is very simple, that is, the traditional adobe or brick mixed-room thermal bridge effect, simply means that winter outdoor air-conditioning through the wall into the house, if not in the house raw stove, the house with ice cellar almost.

        Is there any house that is both warm and storm-resistant? Of course, this is the light steel house that has been commonly used in many developed countries for many years. Light steel housing superior performance, but because before the cost is too high, many consumers can not afford, so did not get a large area of popularity, but today the situation has changed, with the development of our manufacturing industry and the popularity of the network, light steel The price of a house is about the same as that of a traditional brick-and-mortar house and can be accepted by the general public.


Light steel house has very good insulation properties, because of his design is safe, livable-oriented, itself contains insulation and insulation to eliminate the phenomenon of thermal bridges, the winter house is very warm, the summer is very cool, really do To cool in winter and summer. In the vast majority of areas can basically do not winter stove, the summer without air conditioning.


Meishu House also has a very good earthquake resistance, because he chose the light steel keel as the load-bearing structure of the house, steel houses with good toughness and ductility, can withstand earthquakes of magnitude 8 or more, very safe and very practical.

In addition, the construction of Meishu Houses is also very fast, a 200 square meters of buildings can be completed only a few weeks, because except for the foundation, the light steel housing materials are required after the factory transport to the scene after production like assembly of cars The same assembly, this not only reduces the construction difficulty, the quality of the house is also well controlled.

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