Meishu Company was invited to participate in the Ninth Guangzhou International Integrating Residential Industry Fair

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2017 Guangzhou International Residential Industry Expo was held on 12-14 May 2017 at the bauli World Trade and Expo Museum in Guangzhou. The development of the latest housing system at home and abroad is described as the "Canton Fair" in the field of green integrated housing in China. Foshan Meishu company as a leisure tourism, sightseeing agriculture, property leasing, hotel management, the party family chain operation and pension and health investment; at the same time to high-end aluminum aluminum design, production and sales of steel, aluminum and aluminum products assembly house wooden furniture (cabinets, wardrobe, bookcase) integrated operating company, also participate in the housing fair, the Chinese and foreign customers to show a more advanced, professional, with corporate image.

Three days in full swing to live in the Expo site, Foshan Mei Shu company attracted a large number of Chinese and foreign customers to come to consultation and negotiation. This Expo Foshan Mei Shu company also has many project cases displayed in front of the eyes, many different styles of project cases attract people's eyeballs. There are different types of villa style for personalized choice to meet different needs of different customers.


Coincides with the 14 day is "The Belt and Road International Cooperation Forum's opening day, Foshan Meishu company to respond positively to President Xi expounded" to the world audience The Belt and Road "initiative. Gather more consensus, clear the direction of cooperation, push the project to the ground, and improve the support system. This fair has given the Foshan Mei Shu company a stage to fully demonstrate the strength of the enterprise

Living Expo exhibits include prefabricated house, steel structure, wood structure, concrete structure and other products type residential units, also covers roofing tile, waterproof materials, wall materials, wood landscape, garden courtyard, mobile toilets, villas, supporting walls and windows, intelligent, Home Furnishing energy-saving prefabricated construction Bupin components. In the Ministry of housing and urban rural construction technology and industrialization development center and assembled low buildings project working group under the guidance of the ad hoc committee two 180 square "low prefabricated construction Bupin components" pavilion, Meishu housing products become one of the biggest highlights and features of expo.

During the exhibition also held the low layer communication technology of prefabricated building, the Asia Pacific Forum, building technology building waterproof engineering quality problems prevention training, China dream "Zhongtian Cup" fifth rural construction products R & D landing three party matchmaking, architectural design experience, Technology Salon good life - intelligent community property forum, upgrade from top experts, brainstorming, condensed industry wisdom, show the ideological construction, dissemination of cultural legacy. Dozens of activities staggered complementary, climax, with the exhibition, together constitute a value, attitude and connotation of architectural event, Qili construction industry to promote stable and healthy development of the housing industry, leading the global trend of the latest developments.



Foshan Mei Shu Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

Foshan Master Carpenter Light Steel Housing Technology Co., Ltd.


Headquartered headquarters: Jihua Road, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Green Island Plaza, Block


Marketing Exhibition Area: Ceramics Foshan, Guangdong headquarters of the Meishu States show

base area

Factory Address: Foshan City, Guangdong Province Chancheng Nanzhuang Huchong Industrial Zone

Yuyang Road B141 plant




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