Response on Visiting Japanese Prefabricated Buildings Development on Prefabricated Buildings of Japan Located in Seismic Belt

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 First of all, let's look at the education and propaganda of the assembly building in Japan

Architecture in daily national education

The palaeo roof structure model in the visible temples




The study of the Japanese company and the construction of the aseismic reinforcement node of the assembly building is worth learning

The buckling restrained brace is used to simplify the complexity of steel structure reinforcement in the past, and avoid the steel structure member's exit from the concrete member before the strong earthquake. China also adopts the same method.


Japanese counterparts in Japan and the construction of structural detection robots, Japanese counterparts in the machine intelligent monitoring is really perfect.


It's really a thrifty nation, and even the wall is not a big and R & D green wall technology.


On Intelligent Technology

Limited to the requirements of the large and building buildings, the photos were not photographed. The pad control air conditioning and door lock were displayed.

Networking technology, a large number of applications in the Internet of things in China have, such as Mobell bicycle, intelligent air purifier etc..

The Internet of things will certainly be the same as online payment, but it is necessary to pay attention to two issues:

1. network security, such as the terrorists can not easily operate unmanned vehicles, make it an attack weapon.

2., the traditional intelligent performance is stable, and there are already large-scale applications. The Internet of things is not to stifle the traditional Internet of things, but to get through the two modes of access through protocol transformation, which requires a lot of research and development.

The building shows windows, indoor sound absorbing materials, anti pinch doors, and combustion that can be reflected up.

It will not release the thermal insulation material of harmful gas and so on, through the research on human demand, improve the quality of the product. China enterprises focus on as long as the roots of the industry or the professional segment, with our wisdom and spirit, qiantangshi will appear again.


Foshan Mei Shu Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

Foshan Master Carpenter Light Steel Housing Technology Co., Ltd.


Headquartered headquarters: Jihua Road, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Green Island Plaza, Block


Marketing Exhibition Area: Ceramics Foshan, Guangdong headquarters of the Meishu States show

base area

Factory Address: Foshan City, Guangdong Province Chancheng Nanzhuang Huchong Industrial Zone

Yuyang Road B141 plant




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