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It was proposed by Malaysia in 1991 and became a developed country in 2020. In -2020 2016, it was the last five years for Malaysia to achieve this vision. In May 2015, the horse announced the "Eleventh Malaysia plan" (2016-2020) and proposed to speed up the construction of Malaysia. Let's give you a detailed description of the important contents of the "Eleventh Malaysia plans".

1, improve the competitiveness of many local economies

The government of Malaysia will be the 4 main city, namely Kuala Lumpur, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu, Johor Bahru, a flagship city to stimulate the economy, development, improve competitiveness, accelerate national growth.

2. Development of the economic corridor


The five regional economic corridor (East Coast Economic Zone, North Zone, Iskandar economic corridor corridor, Sarawak corridor of renewable energy, Sabah development corridor) will receive 236 billion ringgit investment, and create 470 thousand jobs.

3, Malaysia vision Valley

Malaysia will create a vision Valley in Sen Mei Lanzhou, covers an area of 108 thousand hectares covering the range of Ru Levin, hibiscus and Port Dickson. The plan will begin in 2016 until 2045, with a total value of up to 641 billion Ma. The future Hibiscus will be focused on the Commercial Economic Development Zone, you will come to build a university city, and Port Dickson will be a comprehensive tourist area. Other new industrial development area of 6100 acres, to undertake industrial transfer from the Klang Valley, Gyalo district will build 1000 acres in the Klang Valley, Central Park. And the construction of supporting the construction of the outer ring road of Furong, from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Senawang and join Gabriela Avenue; from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Port Dickson Road, the new high-speed road; convergence gap exists between North and South Avenue and Avenue Road Construction Gabriela, cohesion.

4, the development of major infrastructure construction

Transit route second (investment 25 billion ringgit), West Coast Road (2 billion 800 million), Penang traffic infrastructure development plans (27 billion), the pan Borneo highway (27 billion), (3 billion) water infrastructure projects, infrastructure Rubber Research Institute (1 billion), Ma Xingao (30 billion), iron PAPID marine oil and gas infrastructure (3 billion), RAPID water and wastewater treatment (1 billion), Serdang - Luan - Putrajaya Avenue (3 billion Street), field (2 billion), elevated road, Shah Alam Avenue, multilayer (2 billion) Kuala Lumpur 118 building (3 billion), third (9 billion), Gemas LRT - Johore track plan (8 billion), monorail train route Extension Engineering (2 billion 500 million).

The construction of 2 new 7626 megawatt power plant, the investment cost of 28 billion ringgit, and create 35 thousand jobs; waterproof engineering disaster plan: the government will promote the comprehensive disaster in the Kelantan river water plan; improve the speed of the capital area and the rapid development of broadband, speed up to 100Mbps, the speed of broadband 20Mbps rural areas; construction of wood glue and the old airport.

5. Increase the number of houses

The parties will build 653 thousand units of housing to repair 400 thousand villas and outskirts.

6. Rural development plan

Reach the target of 99% residents to hold water and electricity supply. A 10 billion horse coin is allocated to the rural water supply plan. In addition, we allocate 3 billion Malaysian rural electric power supply plan to meet 40 thousand household electricity supply. Meanwhile, the Malaysia government will build more than 3 thousand kilometers of roads in the suburbs.

7. Development of medical facilities

In Kemaman, Wen Dong, Hua Ling and Ma Lan, Pasir Gudang, to build 6 new hospital. 2 Sabah hospitals will be upgraded; $3300 ringgit to build 165 horse clinics.

8. The development of education and training

At least 80 schools will be built all over the country, of which 2 are glass, 2 in Malacca, 5 in Sabah, and 5 in sand.

That's all,。 We are building the house, and we see fifth above.




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