Shuangliu Temple of Raoping County, Chaozhou, Guangdong

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Zen●villa a Zen  a Meishu  a realm


The body is the Bodhi, the sitting is Zen into the lotus.

Heart like the lotus flower, a return of Qingping ingenuity.



BEAUTY & Villa

Living in a high building in a city is unavoidable to dream of peace and nature. Living in the spiritual space of Zen

Use meditation to fill space and decorate life with beautiful villas.The balance between spirit and Zen has been found for people. All the calmness and beauty are all deductive here...

Oriental culture to introverted, the pursuit of spiritual value "realm of Zen as the Chinese nation, the bones of wisdom, used in all aspects of the society. So does the practice.


The more you live in the cement bar

The more yearning to return to natural life

modern style

Minimalist Zen

A kind of attitude to life

You can enjoy it like a bird

The taste of the mountain

The taste of the wind

The taste of the sun





All the way through the line, cranberry see shoe marks

The clouds on the quiet lake, the idle door closed

The rain looks loose and the mountain comes to the water

Xi flower and Zen, I have forgotten what to say.

In solitude, the subtle taste taste, only the mood ethereal, everything into Zen



The hermit into the mountain retreat, through peaceful forest cleansing of the spirit, for the heart is empty. If one static, easy, where are the mountains. Downtown, streets and lanes? Anyway, at this time no flower wins a flower, a Buddhist temple on the heart.

BEAUTY & villa

The cooperation of the Shuangliu Temple project and the beautiful villa - based on the powerful intelligent house assembly system

Project characteristics


1, cool, moisture-proof Bacterria, comfortable fire using insulation glass wool and composite board, can give full play to the characteristics of the product in the mountains

2, the sound insulation effect can be as high as 60 decibels, and can provide a quiet meditation environment for the monks and the residents.

3, anti typhoon, earthquake resistance, anti snow, more than 9 earthquake and 12 typhoons, can withstand 1.55kn/ square meters of snow, can withstand 70 meters per second hurricane.

4, energy saving and environmental protection, corrosion resistance, no harmful to the human body formaldehyde, benzene, radiation materials. No cement and sand, all materials are energy saving and environmental material, energy consumption is only 40% of the traditional housing system.

5, the light steel structure material 100% can be recycled, and other supporting materials 80% can be recycled.

Super long quality assurance of light rigid structure 50

The structure of the villa has a life span of three hundred years

You didn't see it wrong

Three hundred years

300 years


Foshan Meishu Marketing Exhibition Center

Meishu Exhibition Center is located to the west of Foshan ceramics headquarter

Order hotline: 18022220286, Mr. Lee


Foshan Mei Shu Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

Foshan Master Carpenter Light Steel Housing Technology Co., Ltd.


Headquartered headquarters: Jihua Road, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Green Island Plaza, Block


Marketing Exhibition Area: Ceramics Foshan, Guangdong headquarters of the Meishu States show

base area

Factory Address: Foshan City, Guangdong Province Chancheng Nanzhuang Huchong Industrial Zone

Yuyang Road B141 plant




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