Hot spring project with “AAAAA” standard after a 74-day investigation.

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Hualian Group -- MeiShu company's strategic cooperation project

In April 29th, Qiandao Lake was a dazzling star: Hualian Qiandao Lake - Jinxian Bay spa.

The Jinxian Bay hot spring is located in the Equestrian Park of Jinxian Bay, Qiandao Lake. Since the well explored in September 2015 at the depth of 1360 meters, the hot spring project has become the core resource of the key construction. October 2016 spring one well by Beijing cmud Consulting Center as the first one in Zhejiang province to achieve "AAAAA" naming standards of hot springs, water temperature 45.5-47.6 degrees, the amount of resources has been proven is 430 cubic meters / day, hydrogen fluoride, water, and other elements of lithium metasilicate mineral water concentration reached. At the end of 2016, the design and construction of the hot spring experience area was started, and the construction began in February 15, 2017. After concerted efforts, the project was completed 15 days ahead of schedule in April 15th.

In April 29th, the experience area was open to the outside world and tried to operate the equipment. During the May 1 holiday, the hot spring experience area and the surrounding central horse ranch, the starry tent Hotel, camp camping, Huahai and other amusement projects attracted many tourists.

Hualian Jinxian bay resort spa experience area opening, formed a set of vacation, entertainment, leisure, health, experience is one of the hot springs town development pattern, to fill the Qiandao Lake regional tourism off-season products blank, will also create a new growth triangle name card project has laid the foundation of tourism market.


According to the story in a short period of 74 Tiancong project to the completion of the construction of one corporationcontributed

That is

Foshan Mei Shu Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

A picture of a small partner first


So we are so few people, how do you finish such a huge project in such a short time?

Buy and buy a little bit first

First to enjoy the works of the great gods


Every weekend

Many people can't get out of the hotel when they make a hotel reservation


The hotel is not enough, for the villa

The hotel is tired

Have you ever lived in the mobile villa?

webwxgetmsgimg (1).jpg

webwxgetmsgimg (2).jpg

All the buildings here are a little unique

A complete blend of nature and nature

Some buildings need to be looked at

To discover their existence

webwxgetmsgimg (4).jpg

webwxgetmsgimg (3).jpg

We're here to see the legendary female guest Department

webwxgetmsgimg (5).jpg

webwxgetmsgimg (6).jpg

Why can the villa be completed in 74 days

1 use light steel structure

High density, high strength and stability of steel frame

Super strong hot-dip galvanized layer 275 grams: special environment to achieve corrosion resistance for more than 300 years. The main part of the special type steel construction: the force of the overall support of the house has reached the national standard.

2 the use of auxiliary fast loading

SB shaped plate, glass fiber cotton, paper, plastic board, breathing Aluminum Alloy board, waterproof paper, aluminum process modeling, integration, network expansion, wall reinforcement and other environmental protection auxiliary water system

3 use the smart housing system unique to the villa

The smart house assembly system can achieve perfect combination of building materials and exclusive assemblers, and there is no material or other materials, etc., and it can be installed quickly and modularized.



Foshan Mei Shu Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

Foshan Master Carpenter Light Steel Housing Technology Co., Ltd.


Headquartered headquarters: Jihua Road, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Green Island Plaza, Block


Marketing Exhibition Area: Ceramics Foshan, Guangdong headquarters of the Meishu States show

base area

Factory Address: Foshan City, Guangdong Province Chancheng Nanzhuang Huchong Industrial Zone

Yuyang Road B141 plant




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