As long journey is not suitable in Spring Festival, a place where flowers are in full blossom are suggested by us

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The footsteps of the Spring Festival are getting closer and closer.

A busy year, it's time to travel with my family!

It's better to take the holiday and the whole family go on a trip.

Where will you go this Spring Festival?

It's better to come to Boluo.

"Avoid haze" & warm the winter, breathe the fresh air here,

Sharing sweet and sweet with family, the joy and sweetness of a year.

It is a pleasure!


The flowers are blooming, a saying to go one day ~ flowers

There's a flower - blossom timetable, and it's all here in the spring!


2018, spring blossoms, and the annual flowering season. The blooming project of Mei Shu housing has attracted the attention of many tourists. Especially the beautiful and light steel mobile housing built by the US house is also a good place to travel and take wedding dress.


Meishu project - where flowers bloom

During the Spring Festival, "where flowers flowers into the sea," Yu "beauty through" Cherry Blossom rain ", can enjoy the spiderflower, calliopsis, rape flowers, pink, snapdragon, red sage, Geranium flowers colorful picture, enjoy the spring flowers are beautiful!




Sunflower, cockscomb, Zinnia, Coreopsis, spiderflower, poppy, Canna, Verbena, lotus, globeamaranth, maidenhair, sneezeweed, rose, rose, according to the different seasonal order in full bloom. During the Spring Festival, was a most beautiful cherry blossom and poppy.


Here, Zomerai Yoshino, Cherry Hill Fugen elephant, Japan early cherry, Yuqing weeping, turmeric and other 6 varieties, the tulip is even more rare green petals of cherry blossoms. European style buildings with colorful flowers Meishu building, making it a literary young woman who photographed sites.





This Spring Festival is coming to Boluo, Huizhou, where the theme park is there. Take off the heavy coat, change the lightweight dress, pick up your beloved camera, enjoy some other relaxing and comfortable in the flowers. Don't sigh no money no time to visit the nearby scenery as beautiful as the well-known mountains and rivers.

Address: Guangdong province Boluo County Lang Cun Luofu Mountain in Huizhou City

Order hotline: 18022220286, Mr. Lee



Foshan Mei Shu Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

Foshan Master Carpenter Light Steel Housing Technology Co., Ltd.


Headquartered headquarters: Jihua Road, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Green Island Plaza, Block


Marketing Exhibition Area: Ceramics Foshan, Guangdong headquarters of the Meishu States show

base area

Factory Address: Foshan City, Guangdong Province Chancheng Nanzhuang Huchong Industrial Zone

Yuyang Road B141 plant




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